Reservation Guide

Step-by-step guide to our Online Reservation:

    1. Making the Reservation

a. Room Availability Check - The first step is to check if there are available room on your desired stay dates. Click on the Reservation on the above menu. Select the room type and the arrival and departure dates. If options (extra bed, wheel chair accessible, etc) are need, click on the box to place a check mark in it. Our reservation system will automatically determine if there is a room available. If it shows that  there is no room available, please select another date, room type or option. If it shows that there is room available, click the 'Click Here to make the Reservation' button.

b. Fill up the On-line Reservation page - Details of your reservation based on what you have selected on step 1a will be displayed on the top of the On-line Reservation page. Our reservation system will automatically find the lowest Best Deal (promo) price for your reservation. Fill up the guest information and select a  'Advance Deposit Preference' that is convenient to you. Advance deposit payment is required to guarantee that the room you have reserve will be good as confirmed. Deposit payment is equivalent to one night room rate.  Make sure to enter all information (name, email address, telephone) correctly. The hotel will communicate with you using those information. Click the 'Submit' button when done. If it shows 'A Problem Occurred!' message, please do the reservation again (start from step 1a).

c. An Email will be sent to you - You will receive an email within a few minutes after making the reservation. Please check your email immediately. It will contain your booking reference code and a link to our Reservation Status page. Click the link and log-in using your email address and booking reference code.  Once logged-in, you can view your reservation and deposit payment details. You should log-in within 24-hours so our reservation system can allocate the rooms that you required and temporarily hold the room for you. Failure to log-in within 24 hours will automatically cancel your reservation.  If you did not receive any email (due to wrong email address given or internet connection problem) , you can write or call us so we can help you complete your reservation. Our contact details is on the Contact Us page.

    2. Checking your Reservation Status

The Reservation Status page will display your booking reference code, status of your reservation, method of payment and other details of your reservation.You can access the Reservation Status page  by pointing your mouse cursor on 'Reservation' on the above menu and clicking on the Reservation Status sub-menu or you can click on the link provided in the email sent to you after you have made the reservation. 

Your email address and booking reference code (provided in the reservation email) is required to access the Reservation Status page.

Your reservation status will initially be 'Awaiting Payment' (if you have not made the deposit payment yet).
 The amount to be paid, the expiration date for the payment period and other payment details will also be shown. Please make the deposit payment as soon as possible. If you fail to make the deposit payment on or before the expiration date, your reservation may be cancelled and given to another guests. 

Check and verify the reservation information (names, dates, room type, etc) displayed on the Reservation Status page. If there are any incorrect information, please write or call us immediately so corrections can be made. Contact us thru our Contact Us page.

    3. Making the Deposit Payment

Payment details (method of payment, minimum payment amount and expiration date of payment) are shown on the Reservation Status page if you have not yet made the payment. The following are the methods of payment available:
  • Banco de Oro bank deposit

Please make sure to make the deposit payment on or before the expiration date and immediately fill up the Payment Advise page (see step 4) to avoid the cancellation of your reservation. 

    4. Payment Advise

Once you have made the Deposit Payment, log-in to the Payment Advise page and fill up the required payment information.  Your email address and booking reference is required to access the Payment Advise page. 

    5. Payment Verification

We will verify the payment information you sent. Verification for bank deposits will be done during regular banking hours from Mondays to Fridays, excluding holidays. If the payment information you provided does not match the details from our banks or  money transfer agents, we may required you to send us a copy of the deposit slip or payment receipt through fax or email (attach the scanned copy). Once we have verified your payment, your reservation status will be set as 'CONFIRMED'        

    6. Reservation CONFIRMED

Your reservation is now confirmed and guaranteed. We will be expecting you on your arrival date and we hope you will have an enjoyable stay with us.